January 20, 2010

Power Love Celtic Ring

I am happy to present you this Tutorial. This lesson shows how to make a ring in the old and interesting style and look from the Celtic Culture. I love this Culture and there are interesting symbols:
Celtic Triple Circle: this love ring concept is quite unique. The three circles signifies three forces of nature namely spirit, being and completeness.
This Project is very versatile, you can make from this one, many variations, with stones or without them.

January 17, 2010

Other Power Love Celtic Rings!!

More celtic rings, silver wire, aquamarine, green jade, seed beads, spinel, you can use all kind of seed beads or stones, there are many possibilities, I love all them;-))

January 13, 2010

Power Love Celtic Ring

Power Love Celtic Ring, love symbol in the Celtic Culture, silver wire, oxidized. And lots of fun. Thanks for looking. ;-))

A Shoe for my Sister!!

Silver wire, silver beads, garnet and white Boheme crystals AB, I wanted always to make this project, finally I have had a little time to play with it, and I love the result, thanks for looking!! ;-))

* The triquetra is often used artistically as a design element when Celtic knotwork is used. Many who identify as Modern Celts may use the symbol to display an identification with Celtic culture, whether they live in the Celtic Nations or the diaspora.
* In recent years, the symbol has become well-known due to its use on the cover of the "Book of Shadows" used by the three sisters on the American TV show Charmed. It represents the three sister witches working together as one.
* A Triquetra composed exactly of three overlapping Vesica piscis symbols. Here in my country people loves this Celtic symbol as protector, and many others.
Silver wire, a Prong Alexandrite and Boheme crystals, silver beads and I have fused the wires. ;-))

January 07, 2010

Clever Ring and Clever Earrings

Yes, these earrings were made with the same Technique from the Clever Ring, with a little variation, swarovski crystals and silver craft wire.

The Rose Ice Flower Ring

Rose Flower silver ring wrapped with 7 Inches silver wire 28 g. and 7 drops of rose quartz wrapped in a star shape, with a small crystal fuchsia. Lots of fun have I had, when I made it!! When I find a little time, I will make the tutorial. I have had many requests ;-)