January 13, 2010

Triquetra Prong Pendant Alexandrite

* The triquetra is often used artistically as a design element when Celtic knotwork is used. Many who identify as Modern Celts may use the symbol to display an identification with Celtic culture, whether they live in the Celtic Nations or the diaspora.
* In recent years, the symbol has become well-known due to its use on the cover of the "Book of Shadows" used by the three sisters on the American TV show Charmed. It represents the three sister witches working together as one.
* A Triquetra composed exactly of three overlapping Vesica piscis symbols. Here in my country people loves this Celtic symbol as protector, and many others.
Silver wire, a Prong Alexandrite and Boheme crystals, silver beads and I have fused the wires. ;-))


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